"Our Engineering Approach is about Function, Efficiency and Longevity.

And We Nail All Three Every Time."


Four Ways Our Customers Benefit from Creative Automation Engineering

1. From the beginning of your project, the person you talk with is one of our lead engineers, not a salesperson. This streamlines your build, reduces your frustration and yields a better product for your plant

2. Our roots are in world-class engineering and manufacturing—all under one roof. This saves you both time and money. 

3. Our engineering philosophy is to build equipment for long-term use rather than planned obsolescence. Our units are economically and indefinitely rebuildable, saving you in both the short and long terms

4. We control every part of the project— design, procurement, manufacturing, integration, everything. This results in a seamless, more timely and cost-effective project for your plant.



Why Our Engineering Approach is Different
It's about results, and for us there is really no other satisfaction. Click below to learn how Creative Automation gets such excellent results for our customers.


In-House Control Means a Better End Product
By producing our custom components in-house, we are able to control the quality of our end product. Click below to see more ways our in-house control benefits you.


Talk is Cheap
Profiting from technology is different than bleeding from technology. Click "More" to see how leading technology coupled with our leading design helps make you a leading manufacturer!


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