"Designing Generic Equipment and 'Making it Work' is like Wearing Pants that are One-Size-Fits-All.

It Could Work, but it Won't Work Well."


Creative Automation's Custom Engineering: Custom Built for Custom Results

• All engineering and programming is done by our in-house engineering team. No outsourcing to foul things up.

• Complete in-house control over development and manufacturing.

• Full documentation— for the actual machine. No generic, hard-to-understand documentation.

• Designed for long-term reliability, with a track record to prove it!

• True, single-source integration for smooth workflow and reduced downtime at startup.

• Creative Automation equipment is designed to be economically and indefinitely rebuildable. We do not design for obsolescence!


Why Our Engineering Approach is Different
It's about results, and for us there is really no other satisfaction. Click below to learn how Creative Automation gets such excellent results for our customers.


In-House Control Means a Better End Product
By producing our custom components in-house, we are able to control the quality of our end product. Click below to see more ways our in-house control benefits you.


Talk is Cheap
Profiting from technology is different than bleeding from technology. Click "More" to see how leading technology coupled with our leading design helps make you a leading manufacturer!


"Creative Automation asked the right questions to understand our plant and our processes.

The result has been equipment that has met our objectives and then some."