"Given that Virtually Every Project is Customized in Some Way, it is to Your Advantage to Work with a True Turn-Key Manufacturer Who Can Keep Their Finger on Quality Control Throughout the Build."


Is Outsourced Quality Control Really Quality Control?

Because Really, You Don't Have Quality Control Unless You Have Control

Call us control freaks, but we intimately know every facet of every machine we produce. Virtually every bolt and wire is handled by a Creative Automation team member.

We have found over 50 years that to be the Best at Manufacturing, you must be the Best at Quality Control. And there is no real quality control without in-house quality control. This is why we outsource very little of your project— and why your Creative Automation equipment lasts as long and performs as well as it does.

If you have our equipment you know our quality. If you don't have our equipment, we invite you to experience our quality!

Why Our Engineering Approach is Different
It's about results, and for us there is really no other satisfaction. Click below to learn how Creative Automation gets such excellent results for our customers.


In-House Control Means a Better End Product
By producing our custom components in-house, we are able to control the quality of our end product. Click below to see more ways our in-house control benefits you.


Talk is Cheap
Profiting from technology is different than bleeding from technology. Click "More" to see how leading technology coupled with our leading design helps make you a leading manufacturer!


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