"At Creative Automation, Our Customers Don't Suffer with Unproven Technology."


We Help Our Customers Lead, not Bleed

You've heard the stories: Brand new technology gets used in equipment before all the bugs are worked out, creating havoc in the manufacturing plant and costing tens of thousands in lost production. 

At Creative Automation, new technologies are studied and evaluated at length by our engineers before they are ever used in your equipment. We will never be the first to employ untested technologies, because like you, we know that new technologies are often incorporated too soon into real-world environments. 

We'll let someone else deal with the crisis of unproven technology— not our customers!


Why Our Engineering Approach is Different
It's about results, and for us there is really no other satisfaction. Click below to learn how Creative Automation gets such excellent results for our customers.


In-House Control Means a Better End Product
By producing our custom components in-house, we are able to control the quality of our end product. Click below to see more ways our in-house control benefits you.


Talk is Cheap
Profiting from technology is different than bleeding from technology. Click "More" to see how leading technology coupled with our leading design helps make you a leading manufacturer!


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