"We Have equipment built by Creative Automation in the '80's that is still running today. Nothing else in our plant is as tough."


Manufacturing the Creative Automation Way Yields Equipment that Lasts Longer and Runs Better



No Outsourced Labor
• Everyone who works on Creative Automation machines is employed and trained by Creative Automation. Pride of Workmanship is a big deal with our team.
• All Creative Automation teams are closely coupled for cross-pollination of design and manufacturing ideas.

Team Manufacturing
• Engineers are integrally involved on the shop floor throughout manufacture and testing.
• On-the-spot troubleshooting decreases delays while providing customers with a more thoroughly vetted design and manufacture.

• Comprehensive in-house testing with real-world scenarios.
• Triple-check checklists ensure equipment works right when installed, resulting in a quicker startup for your plant.

In-House CNC
• Custom in-house part manufacturing.
• CNC machining of all mated parts.

In-House UL Panel Shop
• Our in-house UL508 Certified panel shop ensures in spec electrical panels that meet UL standards.
• All panels built to UL standard, whether or not a UL label is required.
• Having our own panel shop means tighter control of all electronic processes and faster turnaround.


Manufacturing Capabilities for Your Project
Really big or really small. It's the challenge we love. Click below for more on Creative Automation's manufacturing capabilities.


Workmanship that Exceeds Expectations

We believe the significant amount of repeat business is a clear indication that we are satisfying our customers. It's about the extra effort we put into each project.


In-House Control Means a Better End Product
By producing our custom components in-house, we are able to control the quality of our end product. See all the ways our in-house control benefits you.