Creative Automation designs and builds Flipping Equipment in all configurations, and handling a wide variety of products. Methods include: vacuum, fork, clam shell, barrel and 90 degree.

In-line barrel turnover

In-line barrel turnover inverting kitchen countertops as needed in an automated countertop stacking system.

Forked flipper inverting doors

Forked flipper inverting doors.

Clam shell flipper

Clam shell flipper is ideal for turning over heavy or bulky product, eliminating injuries and increasing throughput.

Stand-alone bunk turnover

Stand-alone bunk turnover in our facility prior to shipment.

In-line barrel turnover

In-line barrel turnover automatically inverts whole stacks in a print line operation so that the second side of the panels can be printed.

Vacuum flipper handling staging platforms

Vacuum flipper handling staging platforms.


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