Creative Automation Builds Processing and Handling Solutions that Integrate with Virtually Any Moulder & Profile Wrapper Equipment.

This line integrates Creative Automation custom designed material handling and processing equipment with readily available, standard moulder and profile wrapper equipment provided by other manufacturers.

Creative Automation takes responsibility for system integration to ensure that once installed, the entire line works together for optimal production efficiency.

This featured line manufactures door jamb components and miscellaneous mouldings.

Profile and Wrap Examples

Door jambs of varying sizes are automatically assembled, wrapped and cut to length. Assorted mouldings are produced as well.

Overall view of the moulder/profile wrapper line

Overall view of the moulder/profile wrapper line.

Moulder and Profile Wrapper Automation

Blanks are fed into the line. Both parts for jambs are fed and glued together automatically prior to moulding.

180 Degree Transfer

This 180 degree transfer feeds the moulder and serves as a queue area.

Flying cutoff saw tracks and cuts on the joint

After the profile wrapper, the flying cutoff saw tracks and cuts on the joint.

Crosscut saw cuts wrapped parts into multiple pieces

Finally the crosscut saw cuts the wrapped parts into multiple pieces. The saw blades setup to position automatically based on the recipe selected.


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