Purpose-built Storage and Retrieval Systems are ideally suited for doors, countertops, laminated panels, etc. They work well for mass producing custom orders.

Door picking system feeding multiple processing lines

Overall view of door picking system that feeds multiple processing lines.

Door picking system detail

Door picking system detail.

Partial stone storage/ retrieval system prior to shipment.

Partial stone storage and retrieval system prior to shipment. The 150 foot long system will have over 70 A-frame storage locations for stone sheets. Commands come from a server.

Accumulator stores and retrieves stone countertops

Accumulator stores stone countertops and retrieves them when called for by the customer's server.

Countertop distribution in a Storage/ Retrieval line

Countertops are taken from the main production line and stored. They are distributed to multiple finishing lines as needed.

Closeup of countertop storage/retrieval carriage

Closeup of countertop storage and retrieval carriage.


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