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Custom Designed and Manufactured Automated Material Handling Equipment

Creative Automation has been building Automated Material Handling Equipment since our inception in 1971. Every project is custom-designed to fulfill the exact production objectives of our customers. Our track record and reputation for excellence makes us a preferred provider for many of the most recognized brands in America.


Material Handling Capabilities:

  • Accumulating/Dispensing
    • FIFO, LIFO 
    • Pallet & Slipsheet Storage and Redistribution 
    • Cooling Systems 
  • Automatic Setup 
    • Based on Barcodes or Recipe Control 
  • Bunk Turnovers 
  • Conveying 
    • Air Flotation, Belt, Chain, Roller, Gravity, Slat, 90 Degree Transfers, Jump, Telescoping 
  • Feeding/Stacking 
    • From Small Portable to Large Gantry Systems 
    • Vacuum, Clamp, Drop Angle, Fork, Cookie Sheet, Rake Arm 
    • Rotating 
  • Flipping 
    • Clamshell, Vacuum, Fork, Barrel 
  • Inspection 
  • Rotating 
    • Clamp, Vacuum and Cone Turners 
  • Sequencing
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Lines Typically Integrated with our AMHE Equipment:

Handling all wood products listed in Industries Served, in addition to glass, steel, boxes and pallets.

  • Countertop
  • Door Machining and Assembly (Interior and Exterior)
  • Door Patching Stations
  • Fingerjointing
  • Finishing (Flooring, Kitchen Cabinet Doors, etc)
  • Hi-Speed Continuous Laminating Lines
  • Layup (Hot and Cold Press)
  • Lumber Processing
  • Moulder/Profile Wrapper
  • Moulder/Tenoner
  • Pack (Box Closing and Stacking)
  • Panel Processing (DET, Edgebanding, Drilling, Toenotching, etc)
  • Panel Production (Particle Board, Hardboard, etc)
  • Printing
  • Sanding
  • Strip Lines
  • Transfer Carts (Attended and Unattended) and Storage Conveyor Systems
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CA Material Handling Integrates with:

  • Assembly Equipment (Windows, Doors, etc) 
  • Baggers 
  • Band Saws
  • Countertop Production 
  • Door Machining and Assembly Equipment 
  • Drills 
  • Edgebanders 
  • Fingerjointers 
  • Finishing Lines 
  • Foilers 
  • Gang Rip Saws 
  • Gluespreaders 
  • Laminators 
  • Moulders 
  • Ovens 
  • Pack Lines 
  • Panel Cleaners 
  • Panel Saws 
  • Planers 
  • Postformers 
  • Presses (Hot, Cold, RF) 
  • Printing Equipment 
  • Profile Wrappers 
  • Resaws 
  • Routers 
  • Sanders 
  • Shapers 
  • Splitters 
  • Strappers/Banders 
  • Stretch Wrappers 
  • Tenoners 
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