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Why should wood and related manufacturers who strive for excellence consider Creative Automation as their automated processing partner? Here are seven ways we excel:

1. Your Exact Needs Met. Not Kind of Met.

  • All equipment is custom built to your specifications. We build what you need instead of expecting you to adapt to what is offered.
  • With our company, you work directly with our design engineers during project development, not a salesman. The equipment you thought you ordered is always the equipment you will receive because all communication barriers have been removed.
  • We ask more questions than other machine builders. As a result, we truly understand your goals.

2. In-House Engineering and Manufacturing for Maximum Quality Control

  • Every aspect of your project is handled with in house professionals (sales, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, manufacturing, programming, testing, installation, technical support). Because we do not outsource, we are able to maintain full control of your project at each stage of the process.

  • All our machines feature heavy duty construction and are built for continuous, 3 shift operation.

  • Our machine framework is built with welded structural steel, not bent sheet metal.

  • Mating parts are machined for accuracy and ease of adjustment.

  • Our equipment is designed to be rebuildable, indefinitely.

3. Expert System Integration and Smooth Startups

  • Our startups are quick and therefore reduce startup and overall costs. One reason for this is that we do thorough testing before shipping the equipment. We also encourage customers to do a runoff at our facility to make sure all the bases are covered.

  • We routinely integrate other manufacturers’ equipment with ours. In fact, most often we are asked to take responsibility for system integration for the entire line. We ensure that line throughput is maximized.

  • Pre- and post-installation inspection checklists are executed to eliminate problems that would otherwise be encountered in the first few months of operation. We check that all wire connections are secure, bolts are tight, oil levels are correct, etc. It surprises us how rarely these things are checked on our competitor's machines.

  • Technicians that install our equipment are trained in mechanical, electrical and PLC programming. You do not have to wait for the appropriate technician to arrive. Problems are solved right away.

4. Ongoing Support with Our First Stringers

  • First of all, we make it easier for your own maintenance personnel to diagnose the equipment. All electrical diagrams, programs, and manuals are exactly as the machine is installed, unlike many other companies who only provide generic documents that do not precisely represent the equipment you received.
  • In the event support is needed, we provide the actual engineers of your equipment for technical support, and as a company policy, we immediately drop what we are doing to help you.
  • After installation, we can perform remote diagnostics for your machine by internet VPN through your computer network. This way we can assist in troubleshooting without leaving our facility. In the same manner, we can also provide program changes for the machine if your needs change.

5. Replacement Parts and Our Commitment to Your Production Environment

  • Every custom manufactured part has its own part number stamped on it for easy identification in case a replacement is needed. Further, all custom parts are produced in-house. Replacement parts for the field move immediately to the top of our priority list. No one produces replacement parts faster than Creative Automation.
  • Other standard parts are either stocked in-house or readily available in warehouses throughout the US.
  • Both standard and custom parts are often shipped the same day the request is made. We work harder than anyone to get you the replacement parts that you need.

6. Experience in YOUR Industry with a Vested Interest in Your Success

  • We have over 50 years of experience building automated machinery for the woodworking and related industries.
  • Our breadth of experience from the wide array of projects we have tackled is unmatched in the industry.
  • Because we are a specialty manufacturer, each project we design and build is important to our future. We have worked hard for our excellent reputation and we work hard to maintain it.

7. Convenience- We’re ETDBW (Easy To Do Business With)

  • All our machine quotes include installation, startup and training in the price.
  • We speak your language and you can talk to us during your normal working hours (no seven hour time zone difference).
  • We work year round.

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When its Designed Right, Built Right and Installed Right... It Runs Right.