How Creative Automation Lowers Startup Costs for Your Plant

• Thorough Test Runs. At Creative Automation, we take the extra step to completely set up your machine in our plant, replicating real-world production prior to releasing your machine for delivery. Customers are invited to participate in this rigorous test-run in our facility.

• Team Concept Installation. Our installation teams are cross-trained for different skills, and our engineering team is often on-site for the installation. In keeping with Creative Automation philosophy, your equipment is thoroughly known and understood by our teams.

• Better Design Yields Better Build Yields Better Startup. One more benefit of doing a project the right way from the start.

The Installation Regimen. Why Choose Creative Automation?
Not only does Creative Automation design and build the finest equipment, we believe we have the finest installation in the industry!

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Lower Startup Costs. The Profit that Awaits You.
No one likes to look at startup costs, but they are a reality whenever installing new machinery. Click below to see how our approach to new machinery installation keeps your costs down.


Operator Training in the Age of Employee Churn.
In the age of high employee turnover, our equipment is designed with intuitive interfaces that are easily understandable by new employees. Further, we provide full documentation specific to your unique machine so that future operators can easily get up to speed.


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