Full Documentation Helps New Operators become Seasoned Operators

Not only does the extensive documentation provided by Creative Automation help decrease downtime due to maintenance issues, our machine-specific documentation is user friendly and goes into detail about your Creative Automation equipment, helping new operators quickly learn the machine and return your production line to peak performance. 

Rather than a generic notebook of barely useable information, all documentation from Creative Automation is specific to your machine— complete with all the custom features that make your machine unique for your plant. 

With employee turnover a growing problem in many companies, it is important to have effective training tools at your disposal to minimize downtime and maximize employee and production performance.

The Installation Regimen. Why Choose Creative Automation?
Not only does Creative Automation design and build the finest equipment, we believe we have the finest installation in the industry!

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Lower Startup Costs. The Profit that Awaits You.
No one likes to look at startup costs, but they are a reality whenever installing new machinery. Click below to see how our approach to new machinery installation keeps your costs down.


Operator Training in the Age of Employee Churn.
In the age of high employee turnover, our equipment is designed with intuitive interfaces that are easily understandable by new employees. Further, we provide full documentation specific to your unique machine so that future operators can easily get up to speed.


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