"You Should Buy From a Single-Source Provider" (And Other Half Truths)

Single Source vs. Single Integrator.

How's this for illogic: A provider sells you on the value of buying all your equipment from a Single-Source Provider, asserting that by doing so, your plant will save on start-up costs and experience a host of other great benefits. But there's a huge distinction between getting a single-source integrator and merely getting a single invoice.

Truth is, most "single-source providers" are nothing more than a distributor that coordinates the purchase of equipment from several sources, none of whom can collectively provide the real benefit of a single-source— system integration.

Which is where Creative Automation comes in.

System Integration: We Take the Headaches

Not only does Creative Automation design and build the finest equipment, we believe we have the finest installation in the industry!

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Why Creative Automation Takes More Responsibility Than We Have To

The short answer is, "Because our customers asked us to!" But there is much more to the story than that.

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Meet a REAL Single-Source Provider
Find out why Creative Automation's System Integration capabilities make us the best choice for your next project.


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