Timeliness is Timeless

Integration Excellence Gets Your Line Up Quickly.

The critical component in any production line is not a "component" at all! It's the careful work of integration that combines those components into a system that works.

Creative Automation has focused on fast and thorough system integration for over 40 years, with countless successful production lines in a wide range of unique applications. Our reputation for system integration is as high as our reputation for building top-tier equipment for those systems.

"The Speed at which Creative Automation Handles System Integration is among the Fastest in the Industry."


Broad Knowledge

We'll integrate Creative Automation equipment with anyone's equipment, and do it right!

Unsurpassed Speed

Integration with Creative Automation yields one of the fastest startups in the industry.

Unparalleled Experience

More than 35 years of system integration experience and a thorough knowledge of the processes involved in plant upgrades of all kinds.

System Integration: We Take the Headaches

Not only does Creative Automation design and build the finest equipment, we believe we have the finest installation in the industry!

Read Why

Why Creative Automation Takes More Responsibility Than We Have To

The short answer is, "Because our customers asked us to!" But there is much more to the story than that.

The Rest of the Story

Meet a REAL Single-Source Provider

Find out why Creative Automation's System Integration capabilities make us the best choice for your next project.