If "Single-Source" Means "Single Invoice", Then They've Missed the Point Entirely

The point is Integration. The real value of dealing with a "Single-Source Provider" is in their ability to integrate the individual machines into a unified process. It does a plant no good to buy from a single source provider (often not much more than a glorified distributor) if the machines they provide won't talk to each other, and if they can't make the machines in the line work together.

Single-Source is Better? That's a Myth.
Truth is, the best Single-Source Provider in the industry is a company that really isn't a single-source provider at all— Creative Automation! We don't try to sell you everything, just everything we are best at— and that's the way it should be. We recommend you buy equipment from the supplier that builds the best individual components for your line.

Buy the Best Equipment, No Matter the Source. Then Hire the Best Integrator.
When it comes to making a production line work at peak performance, no one is better than Creative Automation. Because of our excellence and over 50 years of experience, we believe we will be your best choice for building most, if not all, of your machines. But from whatever source you buy your equipment, go with the company who is best in the field for integration— Creative Automation.

System Integration: We Take the Headaches

Not only does Creative Automation design and build the finest equipment, we believe we have the finest installation in the industry!

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Why Creative Automation Takes More Responsibility Than We Have To

The short answer is, "Because our customers asked us to!" But there is much more to the story than that.

The Rest of the Story

Meet a REAL Single-Source Provider

Find out why Creative Automation's System Integration capabilities make us the best choice for your next project.


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