At Creative Automation, we take support for our existing customers more seriously than finding new customers—a commitment that hasn't changed in over 50 years.

Our Tech Support "Code of Conduct"

1. When you need technical support, whenever possible you will talk with the lead engineer of the team that designed your system. No call backs or talking with a phone jockey, you will get real results. 

2. All necessary engineering personnel are immediately reassigned to solving the customer's issue, no matter what they were working on when the call came in

3. Our machines are equipped for VPN support so that our engineers can remotely access your machine and quickly home in on the source of the issue.

4. When a custom part for your machine must be made, we drop what we are doing and make the part, often shipping it the same day.


Why Creative Automation Excels at Tech Support.

Ever called for tech support only to find that you know more about the machine than the tech support person? Not so at Creative Automation.


Build Better Equipment. Encounter Fewer Problems Down the Road.

Hmm. Maybe these guys are onto something here.


Same Day Parts Shipping. The Other Half of Great Tech Support.

Whether the needed part is commercially available, or custom made in our shop, we take extraordinary measures to ensure the correct part is in your hands as quickly as possible.