Better Design. Better Construction. Better Support. Better Results.

It's a simple concept, we know, but after more than 50 years, we remain one of the very few in our industry who can honestly make this boast.

Our customers are among the premier manufacturers of wood products in the world. They, like us, demand excellence from their products. They understand that product excellence only comes from excellence in all facets of production, and that profitability at this level only comes when problems are minimized.

Looking to reduce downtime? Increase efficiency? Reduce waste? Improve quality? We can help.

Why Creative Automation Excels at Tech Support.

Ever called for tech support only to find that you know more about the machine than the tech support person? Not so at Creative Automation.


Build Better Equipment. Encounter Fewer Problems Down the Road.

Hmm. Maybe these guys are onto something here.


Same Day Parts Shipping. The Other Half of Great Tech Support.

Whether the needed part is commercially available, or custom made in our shop, we take extraordinary measures to ensure the correct part is in your hands as quickly as possible.


"Click here for a 'Just the Facts' listing of our Tech Support Process"