Less Downtime. More Profit.

At Creative Automation, we STILL BELIEVE in the American Work Ethic. We STILL EMBRACE the notion of American Ingenuity. And we will ALWAYS CLING to the ideals that made America a great place to live and work. 

But we're also realistic. We also believe that companies should buy the BEST product they can afford, no matter where it was made

It just happens that in our industry, many of the best products are made right here in the middle of America— at Creative Automation.


We're Fluent in the Language of Wood Manufacturing

Durability. Longevity. Profitability. Speed. Production. Efficiency. These Words are our Native Tongue.

The Advantage of US Support of US-Built Machines

Any other option is lost in translation.


98% of Machine Components Readily Available in the US.
Doesn't it make sense that your part doesn't have to come from overseas when you need it NOW?