Our Engineering Department Doesn't Own a Cookie Cutter

"Off the Shelf" equipment— machines that are designed once and produced repeatedly— is really the same as saying, "Designed for Someone Else." 

And don't let anyone fool you: the modifications most companies make to their cookie-cutter equipment are the very reason they never run right in your plant! When compared side by side, our customers have told us over and over that Creative Automation equipment works better and lasts longer than our competitors'

The difference: everything we build is custom-engineered for your plant.


Why Our Engineering Approach is Different
It's about results, and for us there is really no other satisfaction. Click below to read how Creative Automation gets such excellent results for our customers.


In-House Control Means a Better End Product
By producing our custom components in-house, we are able to control the quality of our end product. Read more ways our in-house control benefits you.


Talk is Cheap
Profiting from technology is different than bleeding from technology. Click "More" to see how leading technology coupled with our leading design helps make you a leading manufacturer!


"Click here for a 'Just the Facts' listing of our Engineering Capabilities"